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Big Data or what is the Data Lake?

When it comes to Big Data, people are often talking about the “Data Lake”. But what is this? Historically, we normally lived in “Data Ponds”. With the data pond architecture, each department within a company has it’s own data storage, often in different formats and technologies. HR, for instance, uses other technologies like the marketing […]


Big Data: Technology Layers for Big Data

Big Data involves a lot of different technologies. Each of these technologies require different knowledge. I’ve described the knowledge necessary in an earlier post. In this post, I want to outline all necessary technologies in the Big Data stack. The following image shows them: The layers are: Management: In this layer, the problem on how […]

Cloud Architecture


Cloud Computing Architectures: Application layer and technology layer with Archimate

As described in our previous post on cloud computing architectures, I would like to continue with the architectural approach given with Archimate. Archimate comes with two more layers, the application and the technology layer. The Application layer has some core concepts we can use for cloud computing architectures: Services. Services are provided by our platform […]

Everything about Automation


Resource Automation in the Cloud: Event Lifecycle Management

This is the follow-up post to our Series “Resource Automation”. In this part we will focus on Event Lifecycle Management and the associated challenges we face in terms of resource Automation. By Event Lifecycle Managment, we basically mean what happens if events in the datacenter or cloud occur. Events can be different things but most […]